Jeremy was the boy nobody wanted:  Too smart, too thin, too “other-worldly” looking for the non-Asian NBA.

Then his life changed in a New York minute and he became: “Linsational” and “Linderella” and “Linsanity” and “Linspiration” and “Super Lintendo” and “Mr. Lincredible” and “Linvincible” and “The Linstigator” and “Linked-Lin” and “Just Lin Baby” and the world was good.

He scored 20 points a game and set the assist record.

Then he became weary in the waning spotlight.

Now it is Jeremy’s turn for self-doubt and internal renovation.

Is he as good as he seems — or is he just on a wildly lucky streak?

Jeremy is more than a jersey.

He is greater than the Ivy League.

He is grander than a two-time loser.

Jeremy is a man who found his mission in the bounce of a 22 oz. ball.


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