Bobby had only one dream in life.

He wanted to be a “Blues Reviewer” — and he’d sell his soul to the Devil if he could only write about musical things he loved online.

Bobby went down to the Crossroads and sold his soul to the Devil for the talent to write reviews.

Bobby wrote article after article and his work was published worldwide.

His stories about singing sang better than the Blues amps and guitars he was covering in his articles.

Bobby became a Blues internet sensation:  What he said became the law of a trembling land.

Then it all began to dissolve as the Google, and the Bing! and the Ask and other “web thangs” began to reveal Bobby was not an originator; he was a copier of great ideas that other men wrote.

Soon, Bobby’s opportunities and talents dried up, and he became bitter that he didn’t insist the Devil give him a better, more unique due — perhaps the Devil only gave him the bargain his soul was worth.

That’s the problem when you deal with the Devil:  He tends to make a fool of you.

Washed up online, Bobby retreated to the comfort of his backroom employment in a music store in a foreign land — his life as a Blues influencer over and done with and dead at the ripe, young, age of 27.


          1. Right! The story was either going to be a full-on exposé — with screenshots and email proof and moral condemnation — or something more fun and mysterious and ultimately stinging. SMILE!

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