Google is everything.  Google knows all.  Google sees all.  Google is all.  I love Google Maps and Google Earth because they reveal hidden parts of the world not easily viewed or experienced.  One of the things I like to do with Google Maps is visit from above old places I used to live to see how things have changed.  Over the weekend, I decided to zoom in on my childhood home — where my mother still lives — and I was surprised to see she, for some reason, replaced her entire driveway as you can see in the Google Maps image below.  All the other surrounding driveways are still the old, faded and dingy concrete poured over 40 years ago — yet there, bright white and chalky, is a brand new SuperDriveway my mother chose to have rebuilt for some reason.

When I decided to go into “Street View” in Google Maps to take a closer look at the new driveway, I realized the Street View was older than the overhead satellite image.  Not only was the driveway not new, the house on the right still had white shingles while in the overhead shot, the shingles are black.

Then something struck my eye in viewing my childhood home.  There, hiding behind the tree in the front yard was my mother trying to conceal herself from the Google Street View camera!

I clicked to enlarge the image of the person hiding behind the tree, and I was convinced that was my mother with her back against the tree. I recognized her reddish/brown short hairdo. I saw her burgundy top and bare arms. It looked like she was wearing blue jeans with a white belt.

One more click to close-in on the evidence proved my mother was caught on camera by Google.

Mothers of the world, beware!  Google knows all your hiding places!  You are not as safe and anonymous as you think!  Google will hunt you down and reveal all your failed secrets!


  1. Yeah and there are people cross-referencing it with the sexual predator databases and building annotated maps for people.

    1. It’s a problem. People should opt-in to these panopticonic memorializations. On my local street, the guy above me knew the “Google Car” was coming, watched for it, and waved as his picture was taken. You can see him hanging out of his second floor window in the Street View!

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