Jerald’s wife Matilda had been anxious about the 2012 presidential election but with the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney‘s running mate, she was upset to the point of being a little distraught.

She knew Paul Ryan played himself off as a person concerned with the wellbeing of the country but he seemed primarily interested in the wellbeing of the wealthy white men in the country.

Matilda was a working woman and had gone through much to get to her position at her office and when she found out that a male colleague was making more than her, she was glad to know that the Lily Ledbetter law was there to protect her right to equal pay for equal work.

Paul Ryan apparently did not feel that women deserved equal pay for equal work and voted against the law, perhaps just so that he could vote against something brought by the Obama administration.

When she was younger, she had an abortion because doctors had determined that if she did not and had tried to go through with the pregnancy, there was no way that she was going to live.

Paul Ryan felt that all abortions, even those that saved the life of the mother, should be illegal.

He has voted numerous times for defunding Planned Parenthood, which Matilda and many of her friends used to get their annual pap smears — a service they provide to many women who have a medical need for it but not always the funds to pay for it.

His plans to destroy the Affordable Care Act sickened her as she had a mother and stepfather who were barely getting by in a nursing home and did not want to see them suffer for lack of budget.

Since Matilda was not interested in electing leaders who were so fundamentally against them as a gender, as evidenced by the legislature that they had voted against as well as the legislature that they were proposing.

Matilda realized that President Obama was far from perfect but with progress made in women’s rights — the Obama / Biden team was a much better pick at the ballot box.


  1. Picking Ryan solidifies that the GOP are for wealthy people and that there is zero sympathy for middle class struggles. The fact that the GOP are already touting Ryan for the top spot in 2016 is just plain disturbing.

          1. I think he will, but it won’t matter. He’s the “intellectual” on the Right who will protect the big money donors from higher taxes. He’s worth the bet because they control both the message and the man.

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