There are two realities, almost like two parallel universes that co-exist and yet could not be any more different — and yet somehow, we who sit week by week watching debate by debate and looking at polls are meant to believe, depending on whom we believe, that either one or the other reality it the only real one.

In the Romney reality, the only people that count are the one that pay their taxes — but should the one doing the counting be someone who avoids paying his fair share of taxes through offshore banking and international money laundering?

In the Obama reality, every American counts whether they don’t make enough money to pay taxes or are retired and have already paid their fair share of income taxes — and, much like their impoverished countrymen, continue to pay sales taxes and many other taxes that pay for things like paving roads and the salaries of teachers.

In the Romney reality, you can easily treat breast cancer, with or without having insurance — all you have to do is to go to your local emergency room and they have to treat you.

In the Obama reality, a child with devastating leukemia never has to worry about hitting a lifetime limit after a couple of years of treatment.

In the Romney reality, a health care plan for the United States that is modeled after his plan that is working well in Massachusetts is not feasible, but increasing the defense budget and buying new machines of war while privatizing the veteran’s healthcare is perfectly reasonable.

In the Obama reality, asking to return to Clinton era tax levels for people in the top five percent so that we can bring down our out of control deficit is a reasonable thing to do.

In the Romney reality, there is a five point plan without any substance to it, and nobody who is able to come up with a way to cut taxes, increase military spending, and yet somehow not raise taxes on the middle class — the middle class somehow even includes people who earn two hundred thousand dollars in this reality.

We are quickly approaching the day on which the people of the United States, hopefully not overly influenced by rogue voting machines in Ohio, will choose which reality they wish to make real and which will be relegated to history books.

I truly hope that we do not have to tell that young leukemia patient that she will have to look forward to a comeback of lifetime limits if the Romney reality sets firm.


      1. I’m nervous about it. It’s getting too close — and that will encourage shenanigans and deceit — and Democrats don’t pay that game very well.

          1. When I read about GOP-controlled states sending out voting information with the wrong voting day PURPOSEFULLY listed on the document — it sickens me because Democrats don’t have it in them to do something so clearly underhanded and nasty and dirty.

            I’m reminded of the joke that when a pollster gives a Republican bad news, the Republican tries to kill the pollster; when the same thing happens to a Democrat, the Democrat tries to kill himself.

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