Barack Obama was delighted to win a second term as the President of the United States — proving now and forevermore — that humanism beats a machine any day of the week and any year of the vote.

America chose healthcare and education over a simpering, but overwhelming, cynicism that drowned an entire political party faster than Hurricane Sandy could destroy a shoreline.

Now the real work can begin.

Now the truth shall will out.

Now is the time for humanism history to be remade.

There will be resistance to great ideas that are good for poor people and the middle class — but the President now has an even stronger mandate to finally stand up for what he must believe in — and now there can be no more punishments or threats or repercussions that can touch him, or us, or his legacy.

The world can now rest easier that our best interests are again safe at heart.

There will always be dark forces and cruel intentions that will seek to continue to protect the dwindling power majority and monied interests will stand against the common good, but we will offer our President our hands and our shoulders and our clenched hands, if needed, to thwart, and beat back, the naysayers and the hateful do-nothings.

Our time is now, history is written, and we need to move the pages forward to construct an everlasting protection of our core interests and common goals:  A fair shake for every American — not just those who can purchase a vote and influence policy through intimidation and fear.

We have been set free and that wind at our backs lifts the all of us.


  1. Ol’ Donny Trump is having a right conniption and has been since the election was called. He’s sad that hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted on a man that couldn’t choose one position if it meant saving a kitten from a barn fire.

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