There’s nothing quite like racing to your mailbox and finding a lovely holiday card waiting from your President and his lovely family.

Except, of course, perhaps, an invitation to President Obama’s first inauguration.  It never gets old seeing “The White House” embossed in gold as the return address on the envelope.

I also tremendously enjoyed the elegant Presidential seal inside the card as well as the good wishes from the Obamas — including Bo! — as a perfect ribbon wrapping up the holiday season.

We are in the season of reflection and celebration, and I hope your year had more good things than bad — and I wish a lovely and joyous 2013 for you and yours.

With President Obama grandly leading us into the future, I am certain we will all be much better off in the long run, for it is always better to be kind to each other than to try to tear down people you don’t like.  The lesson of the 2012 election is you win by inclusion, not by hating.

With Hillary on the rise for 2016, some prominent Republicans are already conceding the Presidency to her — and if she wins in 2016, she’ll win again in 2020, because nobody wants to vote against righteously repressed, history-making Presidents.  That means we’ll have a 16-year Democrat dynasty at the top of our nation — and we desperately need that sort of leadership.

The GOP will suffer unto itself unless and until they change the following:

  • Stop hating non-Whites and punishing them
  • Stop hating Gay people and punishing them
  • Stop trying to put public policy in women’s vaginas
  • Stop punishing middle class workers
  • Stop pushing The God Agenda

There’s no way the GOP will dump any of those hot-button issues for their lily White voters — and that’s why we’ll continue to have a Democrat President for at least 16 years.

I can’t wait to get my Hillary Clinton holiday cards!


  1. I’m looking forward to them as well, David! After the election I got some of the most hysterical forwards from my father on why Obama won re-election. None of them mentioned your points above. Reality, that is.

    1. Oh, I know Fox News is fixated that the election was stolen even though there is zero empirical evident to support their claims. Funny… when the Presidential election was actually stolen from Al Gore with piles of proof — the GOP didn’t seem to care…

      I say let them have their paranoid theories and I hope they change nothing. It’s better to siphon off their poison from the rest of society and let them rot in a corner while the rest of us move bravely forward together into a better new world without their malignancy of hate.

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