Today, I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Boles Books Tribute to Howard Stein, Volume 1 (1948-2013) from Boles Books Writing & Publishing and published on Amazon Kindle Direct!

This is the eighth new book brought you to by Boles Books Writing & Publishing over the last 2.5 weeks, and this current volume is most special because it condenses the writing Howard Stein did for the Boles Blogs Network and Boles Books, and it also contains articles that were directly inspired by the teaching of Dr. Stein.

One could argue everything I’ve ever written should be published in this tribute, but Howard would have none of that — he’d expect me to redact and edit my own work with a cruel eye — and so I did.  The results are captivating and worthwhile.

Howard supported this effort to memorialize his work in virtual and hard print — he was an active writer for us for many years before he died in October of last year — and here’s a brief blurp from the Book’s Introduction:

This tribute starts in 1948 and finishes, for now, in 2013. That 65 year span can only begin to attempt to memorialize the full arc of Howard Stein’s bright life streaming across a darkening sky. We start with Volume 1. If you have something you’d like to contribute to this effort, or if you, too, have in perpetuity publishing rights to Howard Stein’s work, please visit the website and get in touch to help us even better remember the man who helped define grand generations of thought and moral composition.

Howard Stein was a great man and a delightful friend.  He never stopped teaching you to not only work hard with your mind to the sky, he also expected you to allow your dreams to awaken you.

Every word we write is inspired by Howard Stein and it is that honorable legacy of always reaching to be better than you know you are is what keeps us pushing forward and moving to touch that horizon that always seems to be just as far away today as it was yesterday — but that’s the hard fact of living.  Everything moves.  We all shift.  Not even the horizon remains the same.


    1. Thanks, Janna! It was the hardest, but the most pleasing, volume of them all to write and edit and publish. Publication can make you immortal — and that’s just how Howard’s thoughts and wishes should survive! SMILE!

  1. I bet this must be an ultimate book for you, David. It puts the honor to the man and an exclamation point on his teaching.

    1. It was a little bittersweet making this volume. I keep hoping it is more beginning than ending — but there is a certain terminality to it all.

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