Sitting in a big hotel in Lusaka
Very Western
Pleasant but sterile
Sitting by a lovely “water feature”
With koi and papyrus and purple flowers
And water lilies

Relaxing with a bottle of Boschendal wine
And a new book.
Served by an attentive waiter called Jeffrey

Looking forward to my safari
Wishing the time would evaporate
So I could be in the bush

And then I heard the familiar,
If exotic,
Bird song
And looked up
To see small birds
Flying into their intricate nests
In some nearby tall palm trees

I smiled wistfully
The palm weavers have welcomed me back
To my beloved Africa

(20 March 2009)


  1. Beautiful poem, Nancy! Nice to see your writing here once again!

  2. thanks to all my commenters – I loved this poem too and still remember writing it – at the table in the cocktail lounge on scraps of paper. while drinking that lovely Boschendal sauvignon blanc.

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