This was a photographic challenge — to share my backyard/neighbourhood landscapes in portrait format instead of traditional landscape format.

This first view is across the fields towards the small mountain range called Serra do Cercal, you can see the aqueduct which is part of a huge irrigation project in the region crossing the valley and the fire breaks in the forested mountain slopes behind.

This second view is more of a road scape — Alentejo has many roads like this lined by eucalyptus and pine trees. This is the one that we join when we leave the dirt track that comes past our door.

The next picture is a bit of a cheat as well — a seascape. This is the fisherman’s cove at Almograve.

Windmills — both ancient and modern are very familiar sights around here.

Windmills of the modern kind help supply nearly 75% of Portugal’s electricity is generated alongside solar and hydroelectric plants.

Turn around ninety degrees from the last picture and you have the long winding dirt track winding through the poppy fields.


  1. Quite lovely, as ever, Nicola! You really feed us the scale of the land in these portrait images. Your lines are sharp and clean and directional and you show us exactly where you want to lead our eye. These articles take a lot of time — “feet on the ground” — but the end result is so unique and memorable. Thank you!

  2. At the moment I have time and I have opportunity – it would be a waste not to use it. I thrive being out on the drive – be it me or Mr P driving. I find I cannot get enough of Portugal – both the land and the sea and the people.

    1. It must be addictive to want to record and value all the new experiences! It’s so great you have the time and opportunity to share your world with us!

      1. It is addictive – not only to me but for my daughters and for Billy as well. I am making the most of it as I know it might only be temporary!

  3. Gorgeous pictures as always. I especially like the abundance of windmills you mentioned– they are such an interesting display of both function and beauty!

  4. What an interesting challenge! I have been travelling in Portugal, specifically in the Alentejo, and I wondered if you would be interested in a followup post using this idea? I post on my blogsite

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