Remember me? I am the Alentejo cat that might be getting new pets — the tall one and the red one.  They have been coming to see me most days and have been leaving me food.  I was very glad of it when it was raining all the time — they even left it on the porch so it would keep dry for me.

Now it is sunny, and I have spent my time trying to catch these two birds on the fence — so far they have eluded me! They are crafty; they steal my cat food and fly off just as I pounce.  I am patient though and, like me, they hang around most days.

The other man has been coming a lot too; sometimes he brings others with him. They spent several days doing something inside — the smell was horrible. I hear the word paint — I am sure it is poisonous — it certainly smells it.

At other times they are all very noisy, bringing lots of strange loud machinery. They spent one day clearing up and cutting all the grass with a horrid machine that made a high-pitched whirring noise.

Now I have nowhere to hide anymore and that is a big problem, especially as it is now hot and sunny and I like to be in the shade. They have left me one bush near the house I can hide in.

Sometimes I creep in and take a look around and watch them working.  I have to be a bit careful now as one of them brings a dog sometimes.  I do not like dogs; I have had horrible experiences with dogs in the past.  Here is a sneaky peek at what they are doing.

The most exciting thing is that the last time tall and red came they met the man here; there was lots of talking and changing of papers and shaking of hands.  I think my pets are moving in on 1st June!


  1. Hi Bramble! It is so wonderful having you with us as a regular columnist! You have so many unique and special stories to share and I can’t wait to read more of your work! Your portrait image-capture is absolutely stunning if I do daresay so!

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