Justin Bieber has been behaving badly lately, and we are left to imagine what’s gone wrong with the teenaged heartthrob, and why he’s so precipitously falling off the cliff of life so willfully at the peak of his fame:

Justin Bieber hit speeds of 136 miles an hour in his rented Lambo just hours before his arrest …

We’ve now obtained the FULL GPS speed readout for the evening in question — not just the period immediately surrounding the arrest.

Check it out. The GPS map corresponds to the readout. At 1:23 AM Justin was on the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami Beach, heading toward the nightclub. He was clocked at 108 MPH and within a minute he accelerated to 136 MPH.

I have a feeling young Bieber — who made his money and celebrity singing about love and girls — is now more interested in bros and being a thug and not wanting the inescapable life of the precious darlings before him — Donny OsmondDavid Cassidy and Barry Williams and the ilk — who were never allowed to grow up and take on an adult livelihood.

Bieber also had a rougher time in his early life than Donny, David and Barry ever did — with a pressing parental control for fame and not good personhood:

Instead of perfume and lollipops, Justin Bieber now craves the streetlight over the limelight and the jail cell to a young woman’s boudoir — and it’s a sad nothing that in this life of his, he feels there’s only a choice between the sugar and the egg.

As Justin Bieber actively chooses a life of crime beyond the law, there is a tremendous concern and sadness for the loss of innocence in the recognition of a life not worth living.

Bieber clearly thinks his future is one of the Bad Boy Without Bangs and, as his fanbase ages, and marries and multiplies — he’s left with two options: Become a road nostalgia act or go rogue and try to become something else by changing with the times.

Change is the right move, but Bieber is going about it all wrong.  Instead of doing drugs and breaking the law as a separator from past to future, he should be doing something else like acting in a movie, or starring in a new Broadway musical or doing volunteer work in dangerous parts of the world.  There is great value in fame beyond just making money.

His future must be found in his talent and not in his darkest motivations if he wants to really have a life and career beyond his current messy morass of bad behavior.

My final wondering is if there’s anyone left in the Bieber camp who has the guts and respect and authority to speak the truth to him. My guess is that he’s weeded out the reality for the fantasy and it may now fall to law enforcement and the legal system to sober him up with a hard reality check and force him to make a decision between just being Bieber or going back to rediscovering the goodness that make him rich and famous and beloved in the first place.


  1. Last thing he did publicly before this incident was “retire” for the second or third time.

    Like you I wish he had an ounce of gumption and start to be responsible for himself. He could probably do anything he wanted with his bank account and royalties behind him – the fact he chose to do what he did just shows us what a vacant mind and soul he has.

    1. Right! I forgot about his retiring. That did seem specious and desperate. The recantation did not go over well.

      He can sing. He can entertain. People seem to like him. I wouldn’t so quickly throw that all away for codeine cough syrup and drag racing fast cars!

      1. I don’t think he has the personal mechanisms to deal with fame and fortune and the responsibilities it brings – especially when he was until recently geared for the squeaky clean teen market.

        I would guess that cough syrup and fast cars are his equivalent of alcohol and cocaine/other drugs.

        He seriously needs a good life coach to help him grow into a man.

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