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Throw it Away, it's Free!

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

Mercy, mercy! How many brochures do you get in your e-mail box and traditional mail box? You know, the kind that you have to get out of your house in order to get and check your mail. Math doesn’t help in this situation since this is an infinite number! Take note: Infinite + infinite = Waste of time. Where are all of the people that we know like friends and family? All we get is a giant pile of UNDELIVERED e-mail and paper mail, and from that pile a friend or a nice invitation may pop.

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Chavez, the Church & the Elite

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

I love to say, “wow” whenever this short and meaningful word stretches itself as if it were an elastic bond in my vocal cords, from end to end. I did have my opportunity to scream a big, “WOW,” on May 14, 2000. The reason was almost amusing, so let me develop what took place in the main cathedral of the Catholic Church in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Wal-Mart Improves

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

After so MANY nasty e-mails and almost life threats, FINALLY I have decided to write a second article about Wal-Mart, but this time is to congratulate Wal-Mart rather than diminishing this chain of stores. Please, take note that I’m writing this article because I have considered this time to be appropriate. So this article isn’t an apology to Wal-Mart, and this isn’t an apologetic thought to the Wal-Mart’s employees.

On the contrary, I do believe that we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Of course, even freedom of speech has its consequences, and that’s right in a democratic system. In the end, the USA’s primary and strong beliefs has been its independence, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the 1st Amendment of the USA’s Constitution.

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Latin Americans in the USA

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

Since the USA became an independent nation from the British Empire, many Latin Americans have seen the USA like a living alternative (from those days to the present time). Those living alternatives cover the political, social, and financial arenas. Many of the Latin Americans, who live in the USA, have considered their native nations’ obsolete and repressive systems toward the human right of living in dignity.

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Why Bother with Religion?

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

[Author’s Caution: Religion is one of the most touching subjects which an individual may want to approach. Open your eyes as well as your mind while reading this article because it may take more than your attention. It may take your courage as well.]

Surprise, there isn’t a surprise. Don’t we hate that? Yeap, we do. That’s why we get bored about the tedious religious world. Religion becomes boring if you know what you will get, heaven or hell. That’s putting it in its most simple possible result, or at least in a pretty objective manner of approaching the two relevant issues which seem to scare or satisfy the most. That’s pathetic, but a close-naked reality.

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Our Electronic Awakening

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

Facts Concerning Our 1990s and 2000s Awakening

A). For quite a while, we have had more tools to stay connected on a daily basis than ever before. Of course, one’s interrelations go beyond the past and the present technology. For example, let us think about the Mayas or the Incas, mighty advanced cultures. Wouldn’t you say so? Yet they did not have e-mail, but they communicated quite well. Of course, I can’t imagine the world without e-mail and all of our computerized commodities. E-mail has helped and indeed made easier our long distance communication with friends and relatives. E-mail has facilitated our work tasks. We may send an e-mail to a coworker, and get the same result that a tête â têtê may give us whenever necessary.

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Venezuela in Different Perspectives

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

In my last visit to Venezuela, I had a foreign sensation as if I hadn’t been there before. It seemed as if I were visiting a total unfamiliar country. People and things looked different. The Venezuelan style appeared to be fighting for a mere survival. Visible citizens tended to battle against an invisible chaos, one confusion after another. We could say that those confusions have been politically, economically and the latest, nature’s course. We call it a natural disaster. The last disaster came upon them like an invisible snap on the face. It rained a lot. Venezuela got in a week one year’s rain. That’s how Venezuela ended the 20th century, a little bit more bewildered than ever before.

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