The Legacy of Losing

I think this would make a wonderful holiday card for the Bush family in the final year of their bloodthirsty dynasty:

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As Beijing Sings, the World Sighs

In April, I wrote — Extinguishing the 2008 Olympic Beijing Flame — and I wondered then about the passion and the fruitfulness of the Olympics in Red China.
After watching the opening ceremonies on Friday night, I cannot think of a more effective spectacle explaining how True Art meets politics to conflate the nobleness of the human body into one giant, shared, sigh of relief.

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Buy My 2008 Office for Mac Book

My new book is here; your time to buy is now!
Picture Yourself Learning Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac is your fresh guide to finding all the best new stuff packed into Office for Mac 2008!

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Mac Office 2008 RelationShaping

Technology changes the world and reforms the body.  If you’re looking for a great book
that will help guide you through the dramatic changes in creating content and personality on the web — and in your real life — I invite you to purchase my new book, Picture Yourself Learning Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac!

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A Special Message for Democrat SuperDelegates

I know it seems like the time for your vote is a long time from now but I thought I’d get your attention right now. I’m going to get right to the point. If you were considering not voting for Barack Obama, I’d like you to consider changing your mind and voting for him. Don’t worry, I have some thoughts as to why you should vote for him – this isn’t just a “Do it because I say so!” kind of argument. Okay, here goes:

The War
Yes, I am aware that I should start off with something a little bit more upbeat, but this is really important so I’m going to start with it. No need to start with a dozen appetizers when you know that the main course of your meal is going to be your favorite food in the world, am I right? Back to serious business.

As you may be aware, the candidate against whom Senator Barack Obama was not initially against the invasion of Iraq. Not only was she not against it but she actually voted for it. It wasn’t until a few years later that she changed positions and suddenly realized what our dear friend Senator Barack Obama knew from the beginning : going into Iraq would be a mistake.

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