I think this would make a wonderful holiday card for the Bush family in the final year of their bloodthirsty dynasty:

As we reflect on 2008 — and hope for 2009 to beat the calendar in arriving — I can’t wait for the legs to be put to “The Bush Legacy” so we will forever be reminded just how much we lost over the torturous last eight years.


  1. I love the cascading effect of the cartoon, Gordon. It starts at the top with 9/11 and then falls, left to right, with each growing embarrassment. It’s like a giant Price is Right Plinko game of horror as the chip falls against each, harrowing, pin.
    When Cheney says his “proudest moment” was 9/11, we realize we’re dealing with incredibly sick people in our leadership:

  2. Ha! That is a great card, David! Lets hope Obama can find a way out of this for the USA as well as the rest of the world.

  3. It seems more and more relevant the more I think about it. Such a great drawing.

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