The Times on Torture

The Bush administration’s love and support of torture in the wake of 9/11 will become their indelible legacy long after all the Bush cronies are dead in the ground.  Bush couldn’t get away with a torture policy all on his own, though.  Bush had to have help.  He had a lot of help from the mainstream media, including perennial “liberal bogeyman” for “The Hard Right” — The New York Times — who played coy with using the word “torture” in their reporting even though torture is precisely what the Bush administration was doing. Why hide the word? Why not call torture torture?  Who and what were the New York Times protecting, and why?

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Liberals Cheer Ken Starr

Who knew Ken Starr — of cum-stained blue dress infamy — would be the new darling of the liberal press this morning after he leapt to the defense of Justice Department lawyers venomously labeled the “Al-Qaeda 7” for providing legal counsel to accused terrorists, and against Liz Cheney, the conservative and vile offspring of Dick.

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Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

We have been slowly learning the terms of the CIA torture program’s “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” — and we applaud President Obama’s search for the truth — and as citizens of the world, we need to know precisely what we’ve been doing to other human beings if we ever hope to lead the world back into the light of day instead of living in the night terrors of the darkness. 

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Cheney Torture

Why is Dick Cheney sowing the whirlwind with his scare talk about Guantanamo and torture and the treat to America if his policy of torture and incarceration is abandoned?

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Cheney Betrays the Human Condition

Have we ever had an ex vice-president so quickly and publicly condemn the current administration as Dick Cheney has done to the Obama administration?  The man has been out of office less than three week’s and he can’t wait to taste the bitterness of American blood again.

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The Legacy of Losing

I think this would make a wonderful holiday card for the Bush family in the final year of their bloodthirsty dynasty:

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Torture and the Blackwater Five

Five Blackwater guards accused of shooting 14 Iraqis civilians are headed to court to answer for their crimes.  The five hoped to move their trial to Utah but their request was denied.  They will stand or fall in Washington, D.C.

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