We have been slowly learning the terms of the CIA torture program’s “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” — and we applaud President Obama’s search for the truth — and as citizens of the world, we need to know precisely what we’ve been doing to other human beings if we ever hope to lead the world back into the light of day instead of living in the night terrors of the darkness. 

When editorial cartoonists pay more attention to the torturous tenets
of power than those in government control; we should begin to suspect
there has been a serious corruption of morals and a lengthy values disconnect at the highest levels of leadership that predates the Obama presidency:

The Center for Constitutional Rights now allows you to create and trade “Torture Team
baseball cards proving just what sort of human due diligence we, The
People, need to provide to have our voices heard beyond the barnyard.

Perhaps Obama and the Editorial Cartoonists can bring the rest of the mainstream media and government back in line in the public square so we can begin to square what happened with what we really intended.


  1. We will be better off in the world, Gordon, if we give up torture and confess what we’ve done to the rest of the world. We need to be above using torture as a government policy of interrogation.

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