Free WiFi at Best Buy

Last Friday, I did my yearly social duty and visited my CPA in Manhattan to do the dreaded taxes deed, and to assuage my aching heart and walloped wallet, I always first visit Circuit City on the corner of 14th Street and 4th Avenue in Union Square to put my hands on all the latest technology.  Unfortunately, Circuit City is now kaput — but I was pleasantly pleased to see a Best Buy store in the same Circuit City spot.

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at&t Exploits the Flock by Marking the Spot

If you have an iPhone, you know the new Verizon advertising push humiliating at&t for their lousy 3G coverage is well-earned and deserved. 
Yesterday, at&t released a fascinating app for the iPhone — Mark the Spot — that lets every iPhone user on their network precisely report problem network areas and spotting cellular coverage.  Thank you, Verizon, for pressing at&t into finally doing the right thing… even if it’s three years too late.

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at&t 3G Quicksilver Modem Review

I’m not crazy about at&t as a cellular provider.  Their 3G network is awful and slow and shattered — but, I have an iPhone and I have a 3G data plan with at&t as well — so I’m stuck with the service in deulling, two-year, pops. 
I used to own the Option GT Ultra Express 3G modem on the at&t network, but my new MacBook does not have a 3/4 Express slot; I needed to upgrade to a USB modem for 3G connectivity.  I decided to get the new Quicksilver 3G USB 2.0 modem from at&t.

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The iPhone 3G Dictionaries Review

We celebrate writing on this WordPunk blog — and we do love our new iPhone 3G — even though the White Apple of Death drives us nuts daily. One of the invaluable assets for the iPhone 3G is the Apps Store.  I spent $100.00USD to buy several dictionaries for use on my iPhone 3G.  In this review, I will look up one of my favorite words — “semiotic” — and one of my favorite people — “Clinton” — to see what results are returned.  You do not need an internet connection to use any of these dictionaries.  All definitions are installed on your iPhone 3G.

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White Apple of Death

There is nothing more frustrating as a consumer than being told what you are experiencing and describing is not happening or isn’t real.  Many early iPhone 3G adopters have been reporting terrible White Apple of Death screens as the iPhone 3G completely locks up and becomes unresponsive and we feel brushed away by Apple as delusional wackos in need of censoring.  We are upset and we are angry and we’re not going to take it anymore!

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3G is Broken on the iPhone 3G

I have been loving my new iPhone 3G a lot — but after the recent 2.0.2 upgrade that was supposed to “fix” the 3G voice and data problems on at&t, I am beginning to taste the sting of a bitter lemon from Apple.

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Buying a 3G iPhone at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store

Yesterday, I headed to the eye doctor for an exam, and
because of the intensive and invasive nature of that experience, I’m usually no good for anything the rest of the day because I can’t really see anything, so I lower myself to eating snacks and caterwauling. As I withdrew from the Second Avenue office of my torture — eyes red and dilated and throbbing — I wondered what in the world I could do that would take little or no effort but still pack in some fun?  I decided to hop into a cab and head uptown to the flagship 24/7/365 Apple Store on Fifth Avenue and doggedly wait in line for a couple of new 3G iPhones.

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