There is nothing more frustrating as a consumer than being told what you are experiencing and describing is not happening or isn’t real.  Many early iPhone 3G adopters have been reporting terrible White Apple of Death screens as the iPhone 3G completely locks up and becomes unresponsive and we feel brushed away by Apple as delusional wackos in need of censoring.  We are upset and we are angry and we’re not going to take it anymore!

For those of us experiencing the White Apple of Death — we call it that because of the BSOD — known to Windows users as the “Blue Screen of Death” when your entire computer becomes unresponsive and frozen with a “blue screen” error message that loses everything you were working on:

For iPhone 3G users, the WAODWhite Apple of Death — has taken on the same, awful, memeingful resonance of the Blue Screen of Death and of wanting to bash your head against the screen in frustration as the white Apple logo appears on a black background indicating, after a few moments of hopeful, breathless waiting, that your iPhone 3G is completely locked up and in need of a full wipe and restore to regain a responsiveness.  That process can take between three to six hours.

It is important that the truth be kept on-the-record even after Apple deleted my earnest, specific, and verifiable, complaints about the iPhone 3G on their user forum.

Buyer beware of the White Apple of Death and woe be to any company that censors the honest feedback of their consumers in order to keep quiet the unnerving undertow of a product that currently does not work as advertised and sold.


  1. It serves you right. You waste our money and play with our mind hahaha. The domain name rocks. Give it back to them harder than they give it to you. Fight on, my brother.

  2. I KNOW, I KNOW! Sometimes you hit it right with a recommendation and other times you feel like you helped a friend get ripped off. Thanks for the support on the domain name! The White Apple of Death really is a killer! It scares you when you see it and I plan to use it as my next Halloween costume!

  3. UPDATE:
    I just installed the 2.1 update. No change. EDGE and 3G are just as lousy as ever.

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