Lust in the Age of Facebook: Where Have All the Moral People Gone?

In our ongoing, national, economic convalescence, I wonder if the result of such monetary heartsickness is a de-evolution of our moral presence into unsacred totems.  I ask this in the recovering wake of the tepid immorality of Rev. Cedric Miller — who urged his flock to give up Facebook because it was a “portal to infidelity” — only to be proven to be a sinner himself.

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Damning David Letterman

Last night on his television show, David Letterman made history by confessing in the public square he had not been faithful to his son or the mother of his son.

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The Affair

by Louise O’Brien

“There’s a little bit of excitement in this,” she thought as she rang the doorbell. Most of the time she pretended not to be excited about things. Not when she met someone new. Not when she went to a party. Not even the first time someone asked for her hand in marriage. She figured that way she would never appear disappointed when things didn’t work out. No one would ever see her face crestfallen upon finding out something or someone wasn’t that great, wasn’t worth getting excited about. She hopped from one foot to the next in the cold, waiting for him to answer the door.

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