In our ongoing, national, economic convalescence, I wonder if the result of such monetary heartsickness is a de-evolution of our moral presence into unsacred totems.  I ask this in the recovering wake of the tepid immorality of Rev. Cedric Miller — who urged his flock to give up Facebook because it was a “portal to infidelity” — only to be proven to be a sinner himself.

Miller, 48, who gained national attention this week when the pastor banned his church’s leaders from using Facebook because he said it is a portal to infidelity, had himself engaged in a three-way relationship with his wife and a man a decade ago, according to testimony he gave in a criminal case.

So it’s fine for the pastor to sin at will, but not for the thousand members of his congregation?

What brings someone like Miller to publicly proclaim he knows what’s best for all of us when he’s just returned from sharing his bed with his wife and another man?

The most fascinating point of Miller’s infidelity and immorality is that he still believes Facebook is more evil than he:

Revelations earlier in the week that Pastor Cedric Miller had a three-way affair with a church worker 10 years ago hasn’t weakened his resolve to get church leaders to sign off on their Facebook accounts permanently.

Miller, during his approximately 50-minute Sunday service at the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church, again exhorted church leaders to get off Facebook, the Internet-based social network, asserting that it could lead to re-connections with romantic relationships from their past that would erode and eventually destroy their present marriage.

Why does a congregation abide such a duplicitous man without laughing him out of the altar and into the street?

How should we, as a society, deal with such a two-faced liar?  Is it enough to simply ignore his influential bad behavior, or are we required to seek a more permanent punishment for the betterment of society in the restoration of our natural values?


  1. As long as good people condone these sorts and don’t toss them to the curb, we’re going to have these kind of people.

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