Bush is Back: When a National Nightmare Returns

George W. Bush is back in our nightmares with the opening of his massive Presidential “library” on the campus of Southern Methodist University — all built not to remind us of what a killer he was in the world, but rather what a great a guy he was as he meandered the halls of the White House choking on pretzels while Dick Cheney did all the dirty work as President-in-situ.

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The Respect Owed to Military Dogs

Once in awhile I will be on the subway and I will see a person entering the subway station with a dog walking in front of them and just as I am about to think to myself that it seems odd that the person is bringing a dog with them in a place where dogs usually are not allowed, I see that the dog is wearing a jacket that marks it as a service dog, meaning that the dog is being useful in some way to that person — we called them “Seeing Eye Dogs” when I was growing up.

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War Pulls the Piss Out of You

War is pretty nasty and we’ve had most of the gory details from Iraq and Afghanistan hidden from us — but, ever so slowly — the ugly truths are starting to be revealed, and the AP ran a story yesterday about American troops getting their genitalia blown off.

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Ten Sixty-Two

One arm.

One leg.

One eye.

One old war policy.

The War Prezzy

Last night, President Obama told the world he was taking over where Dubya left off and was becoming the new War Prezzy.

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Vietnam in the Panopticon

Vietnam is not a place for reformers or dissidents — but it might very well be a harbinger of the future in Iraq and Afghanistan.  If you choose to stare back into the Panopticon watching you in Vietnam, prepare for a serve and long-term punishment in return.

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Acid Test Incarceration

George W. Bush finally said farewell last night and one of his gloats was his pronouncement that “Afghanistan has gone from a nation where the Taliban harbored al-Qaida
and stoned women in the streets to a young democracy that is fighting
terror and encouraging girls to go to school.”  It seems Bush missed the NYTimes report the day before about young women in Afghanistan who had acid thrown in their faces because they dared to attend school.

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