George W. Bush is back in our nightmares with the opening of his massive Presidential “library” on the campus of Southern Methodist University — all built not to remind us of what a killer he was in the world, but rather what a great a guy he was as he meandered the halls of the White House choking on pretzels while Dick Cheney did all the dirty work as President-in-situ.

It does take some derring-do to throw a party for yourself and expect people to just forget the lies you told to a nation to send our soldiers off to an invented and manufactured war of induction and reduction.

How is it possible to invite all the living Presidents to your “museum” with a straight face so you can stand there and cry and feel proud of all the things you didn’t really do at all?  Except, of course, when you agreed to torture people and ruin our current economy with a war you couldn’t pay for, and oh, and that embarrassing Mission Accomplished thing that never was.

We’re in a severe economic debt that belongs squarely to President Cheney and his G.W. lapdog — and yet we get conservative Senators Graham and McCain and the other howlers trying to blame Obama for the fall of the USA and for the blight that was not Benghazi — when they were all a part of the machine that condemned us to this stake during their obedience to Cheney in the first place.

G.W. is fond of saying “don’t judge me now, give it fifty years” — because he knows if we really take a long and hard look at what he actually did to this country right now, he would be forever marked as one of the most deceptive and cruel Presidents ever elected in a free world.

Bush wants time and tide to flow for decades so he can quietly die off and not face the wrath of a history that will no longer be able to protect him because his Caucasian Chalk Circle of cronies and liars will all be dead and unable to defend the indefensible.

The hard lesson we must take from the Bush Library is that we cannot have another one of them in any state or form.  We know Daddy Bush famously said, “the wrong song became President,” and that clearly means we have Jeb on our horizon, and we, as free thinkers, and moral people, must do everything within our power to not have another gross go-around in the world so another Bush may get our kids’ blood on his hands and then label the massacre a successful lie where the truth will play out long after his death.

We must remember.  We must demand the truth.  We must never accept being lied to again by the people we voted to protect our bests interests at home and abroad.


  1. the thought of Bush and his cronies including Blair – makes me squeamish to put it politely ………. makes me wonder if this is how Baroness Thatchers Librarys opening ceremony will also be celbrated.

    It did make me think when I was researching the carnation revolution – and knowing what was and still is omitted from offical history of those events – how are history will be written and how 40 years later the proper record is still not “out there”. How long does it take for reality to be rewritten?

    1. Oh, the whole things sickens me as well. One thing, though, living in your own history fantasy is good for never having to wipe the smirk from your face, and G.W. was in full-on smirk for his special museum day. Oh, what a treacherous family!

      I think it will take a long time before Bush gets what he deserves in history. There are too many people still alive who were a part of his lies to ever allow the real truth to escape or be rewarded. He whitewashing is still in full force. Give it a hundred years or so…

      1. It is a real “smirkathon” …………………… one would have thought in the digital age where the lies are there for everyone to see that transparency would come quicker not later …………..

        1. He has too many defenders who lied for him in the Senate and the Congress and the Supreme Court for him to wipe the smirk off his face. They all knowingly and willingly went along with his lie, and as long as Bush is alive, they know they cannot say anything, or they damn their own ill-begotten legacies. Once he’s gone, the truth will begin to trickle out because his protectors can more fully, and wholly, blame it all on him.

    1. I really wish Obama had the guts NOT to go to Bush’s memorial to death. If he’d only said, “I’m not going to go celebrate a war criminal,” the entire Right Wing would have spun off its nut!

      Then, predictably, Obama would have been relentlessly attacked, and he would finally have his opportunity to give it back to them as nasty as they give it to him.

      Dredge up the reality of Bush’s unpaid-for wars. Make all those Republican radicals who are hammering him now, stand up and defend their Bush-era decisions. Let them re-explain their votes in public. Force them to address the fact that 9/11 happened on THEIR watch, and it was a Republican failure with a capital “F!”

    1. He’s made it clear he refuses to ever be measured as the “First Angry Black Man” President and that’s why he won’t stand up to himself in public or confront the lies. He knows that’s what Fox News is waiting for, that “moment” when Obama becomes the Black Stereotype — and so we get nothing from him but nothing. He doesn’t stand up for the right thing when it comes to standing up to lies told against his good name and all those who voted for him. It’s hopeless.

    1. Right! Who cares what Fox does to him! We elected him to stand up to the Bush era crimes and he’s done nothing but quietly continue the same, failed, policies. It’s a sickening thing to watch. He had a majority power and the world behind him for two years when he was first elected and he squandered every opportunity. It’s such a mystifying thing to try to reconcile. I don’t think Hillary would have had the same problem.

  2. Hilary would have had different problems – we discussed them before ……………. I would like to have seen her reaction to all the right wing ideas on abortion, birth control etc etc as well

    1. I don’t think she would’ve cared, though. She’d already been made a caricature by the Right Wing Disinformation machine during Bill’s presidency, so there’s no problem with her living up to her standards or down to theirs. She doesn’t fear confrontation and she doesn’t care what other people think.

      1. yes you have to show that you care for others – or appear to and yet be teflon coated when it comes to yourself an just get on with the program ………… you have to be a bit of a Maggie Thatcher …………….. iron lady/man

        1. Right! It’s a hard line to play but Maggie and Hillary understand the game and know how to get over on those who choose to persecute them!

  3. I was taught it as a witchy thing ………….. but I am sure self empowerment programs teach it as well.

  4. You can spot pople in public office and in the public eye who are feeding off energy – mostly it is the good kind – such as bands and groups playing – athletes performing etc – the negative feeders are harder to spot as it tends to be a slower process to pull and build as you have to have the “transform” element in the middle.

        1. I wonder if there’s a way to predict these dark forces before they overtake us? We lived in such a dismal period of Blair and Bush — and yet it seems so many people just choose to forget and let the crimes stand unpunished.

  5. @ David Follow the money ……………………….. there is no interest in stopping war when you profit from weapons – ther is no interest in cheap wind and solar power when you profit from from fossil fuels and they give you an excuse for war while you are at it. There is no longer an interest in curing diseases – much better to manufacture expensive medicines to manage symptoms and profit from it.

    1. Yes, your absolutely right. They money tells all. There’s nothing to be made in joy and health. Only destruction and death pay. Your point about Big Pharma is excellent. Why cure when we can treat… forever!

  6. so the best way to counteract it all is for those that can to decentralise – buy local, buy organic, do not buy any manufctured produce – filter your water , make your own food, grow your own veg, use ehtical banking, use wind and solar power where you can ………………. think I had better get off the soap box now.

    1. Such great thoughts, Nicola! That is one soapbox I am scrambling to join you on standing. We need to be our own divine masters. Relying on others for prosperity only invites evil and undeserved sublimation.

  7. UPDATE:

    I added a video of “Best of” Bush blooper-isms while President — “The Google” and “The Internets” are still a laugh riot, and that’s why I use those phrases as often as I can online — can you believe the Republicans pick on Obama every single day nothing after blindly supporting W. for eight years?

    We live in a mad, upside-down, world.

  8. David, I just watched the “Bushisms” video. I remember my brother as a teen having a similar tear-off day calendar full of his most cringeworthy quotes, back when Bush was still president! And despite the widespread mockery and the instances of incompetence he got elected a second time… go figure.

    As for “don’t judge me now, give it fifty years”… I’m all for the big picture, but we can’t take that so literally that we close our eyes and ears to the regrettable present, which I suppose is what he’s hoping for.

  9. I remember during the Bush years people joked that the library would have plenty of copies of the goat children’s story that he was reading to children when he was told of the September 11 attacks. I hope they have at least one!

    1. It’s funny that “The Pet Goat” wasn’t really a book. It was a story in a reader. Sales of the reader did not skyrocket. I think it was because the reader could only be purchased by school systems.

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