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Carceral Nation

Bush is Back: When a National Nightmare Returns

George W. Bush is back in our nightmares with the opening of his massive Presidential “library” on the campus of Southern Methodist University — all built not to remind us of what a killer he was in the world, but rather what a great a guy he was as he meandered the halls of the White House choking on pretzels while Dick Cheney did all the dirty work as President-in-situ.

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Celebrity Semiotic

Is Jeb Bush Running for President in 2016?

Oh, ugh.  Jeb Bush is back in our face this morning.  His family ruined our country and now he’s trying to play himself as the new, wild boar, voice of reason in a wildly unethical Republican Party.  Is anyone buying his new “reasonableness” — or do we all see precisely what he’s trying to do under the covers?

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Urban Semiotic

A Bush in the Head is Worse than Two in the Grave

Just when we think we’ve buried both atrocious Bush presidencies forever, the old man rises up from the grave to proclaim the ascent of the second son as the rightful heir to a doomed legacy. Bush 41 — not yet embarrassed enough by the deadly antics of Bush 43 — wants a Bush 45:  Jeb Bush.

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