Oh, ugh.  Jeb Bush is back in our face this morning.  His family ruined our country and now he’s trying to play himself as the new, wild boar, voice of reason in a wildly unethical Republican Party.  Is anyone buying his new “reasonableness” — or do we all see precisely what he’s trying to do under the covers?

During an interview with Charlie Rose Thursday morning, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) called for increases in revenues to help solve the nation’s debt problem, but admitted that he wouldn’t be able to hold that position were he running for office within the modern Republican Party.

Bush reiterated that he would accept a hypothetical debt deal that included ten dollars in spending cuts for every dollar in tax increases — which Mitt Romney said he would reject in August — and added that he hoped GOP leaders could embrace such an approach.

Jeb Bush wants to be President to cleanse the family name of his brother’s stains.  He’s clearly positioning himself as “The New Center” of the GOP for 2016 by taking Romney’s legs out from underneath him now so he’ll fall to Obama in the Fall.

Because Jeb’s “coming out” now as a “Reasonable Republican” before the election, he thinks he won’t look so transparent or as power-hungry when Romney fails.  He’ll set himself up to be the only one able  to reform the unreasonable TeaBaggery that currently rules the Right.

The problem with Jeb is that we see plainly and unemotionally already know who he is in situ and we know he isn’t wearing any clothes.  He can’t fool us.  We know his history and his wants.  We know he’ll run for President and, by running against his brother and the current GOP crop, he’ll seem nice enough to the middling masses — but we all know the GOP is run by Big Business and nothing will change in a Jeb administration compared to previous run family ruinations of the Oval Office.

Americans get what they deserve — and that’s why I fear a third Bush presidency is going to happen no matter what happens — and we already know precisely how poor and broken we’ll be left after the next Bush breaks from the White House lawn.


    1. He will be precisely that. I predict the Republican ticket in 2016 will be Jeb Bush in the first slot and Chris Christie in the second. They will win. Unless, of course, Hillary finally runs. Then she’ll win.

  1. He will not only be a repeat of his war crime wanted brother, but as well the father of the Clan better known to Americans as the king of the destruction over all presidents of all time, thus being daddy Bush.. The very thought, is just nauseating & also terrifying! If we finally can actually get ahold of & possibly get somewhere w/ our country, before 2016, this man will only deprive every American & others throughout the world, of all of our constitutional rights & accomplishments, all thanks to a free ticket from his “HAND ME DOWN” legacy, just like his looser brother, that ran this country into the ground. Daddy will see to clean up & clear him of all we Americans know where he’s from, his past, & the lack of goals & even mistakes, he will make between now & especially throughout his term. I’m sure daddy is sitting next to Satan, saying hahaha, yet another one of us (Bush’s) will get a chance to destroy the very core of the US, & thus the world!! I pray this won’t happen, & he’ll just go & HIDE w/ his brother, unfortunately working on destroying the planet & it’s resources. Our forefathers are turning over in their graves. God bless America!! Say no to Bush 2016!!

    1. If Obama wins in the Fall, it will be Jeb Bush in 2016 and the establishment will get behind him the day after the Obama election win as the de facto “reasonable other side” of the aisle for the rest of Obama’s term — but it will all be a lie, as is everything the GOP stands for is a lie in contemplation of a deception. Chris Christie will be the bulldog VP to do all the dirty work and his reward, after 8 years of pushing Bush III on us, will be another 8 with Christie bludgeoning us all to death with his cruel personality and punishing policies. The political and judicial infrastructure and money are already there to cement a 16-year GOP bloodbath for America and, I believe, the only person who can stop that onslaught of worldwide death and destruction is Hillary Clinton. If she runs against Jeb in 2016 — she will win — and the world will be a better place. There’s no other Democrat around who can put the screws into the Bush legacy like Hillary. She is our best and only last hope.

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