WolframAlpha Tells All on Facebook

What is WolframAlpha doing on Facebook?  Why, it’s parsing your data and making it it pretty while it fascinates.  I love this word cloud mixup of “Davidescu Boles” and “David Gordon” all sitting there scrambled and brewing together in a “today” slurry of “reviews” “stories” “wonders” and “google jazz reports” — I love visual data!

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Twitter Babbling Wins the Biggest Bucket

We are not tremendous Twitter fans — though we do use Twitter to Tweet you — and so we love the latest white paper from Pear Analytics describing how Twitter is more idle babble than active information sharing:

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Google Analytics Review

If you aren’t using Google Analytics to track yourGoogle Analytics website visitors and performance, you should get on board because the service is free and robust and the discovery process may tell you things you don’t want to know but need to know about the sites you operate.

Once you sign up for Google Analytics — you may not be able to do it right this moment because their service is overwhelmed — and you add a little bit of script code to the raw HTML of every page you want to track, you will begin to see the magic of what is really happening on your sites behind the browser. 

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