Stopping the Steeping of a Tea Bagger Nation

The idea of living under a Tea Bagger Nation is a nightmare few would cotton to and that is why each and every one of their candidates must be stopped dead at the polls.  Tea Baggers are about violence and stupidity and hatred and Racism and fear and they crave authoritarianism under the rule of their burnt thumbs.  It is up to us to stop their steeping.

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Four Students, One Lunch, One Revolution

People sit down to eat lunch and it’s really not anything of consequence. Most people don’t notice when people sit down in diners, restaurants, etcetera as it is so commonplace. One would therefore think that it would not have been a big to-do when David Leinhail Richmond, Joseph Alfred McNeil, Franklin Eugene McCain, and Ezell A. Blair Jr. sat down in a Greensboro Woolworth’s to eat lunch. This was not the case, of course — it was 1960 and the segregation ran rampant in these United States — clearly not so united at the time.

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The Playwrights Speak

When we started 14 years ago, several strong-willed, and brave, Playwrights immediately joined our cause.  Here are their pioneering words as they became proud “citizens” in our worldwide, United Stage, cause:

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Excusing Angry Words

It happened so fast that I barely had time to react. Joe and I normally take the train at the same time because we both work near Midtown Manhattan. There were a lot of people, as per the norm for that time of the day, who wanted to get onto the train so that they could get to work or wherever else they were going.

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Behavior Control Through Conditional Explosion

Have you ever lived with, or worked for, an Emotional Terrorist?
I call those people “Incredible Hulks” because their mantra for keeping peace in their lives is to terrorize your with this reminder: “Don’t make me angry! You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!”

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Competitive Anger and the Rising Insult

One of the hardest things to negotiate in any relationship is competitive anger and the rising insult and we must work hard to extricate ourselves from the tricksy snare of its red tooth and claw.

Competitive Anger

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The Presumption of Guilt

In theory our court systems work on a principle that a person brought into court for trial is innocent until a jury of his peers finds the person to be guilty. In our own lives, however, we frequently presume that people are guilty and do not give them the benefit of the doubt.

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