The idea of living under a Tea Bagger Nation is a nightmare few would cotton to and that is why each and every one of their candidates must be stopped dead at the polls.  Tea Baggers are about violence and stupidity and hatred and Racism and fear and they crave authoritarianism under the rule of their burnt thumbs.  It is up to us to stop their steeping.

We know Christine O’Donnell is uneducated and vapid — but the recent turn to public violence pierces the very ideal of life under a Bagger Nation.

Yesterday, a protester at a Rand Paul rally, was pushed and shoved and thrown on the ground by Paul goons:

Is that the sort of America we want under a Tea Bagger Nation where dissent is shown the bottom of a shoe instead of the open hand of respect?  I fear for Kentucky if Paul is elected to the Senate.

What about unethical Tea Bagger Senate candidate Joe Miller in Alaska and the “citizen’s arrest” his hired gang of Neocon thugs put out on a member of the Press?  Is that how we want Senatorial news made in America?

The want for punishment and revenge is clearly the underlying mandate of the Tea Bagger party.  They’ve been trembling ever since Barack Obama became president and they can’t fathom, let alone imagine, how their Great White American Way is now being run by a Black Man they cannot control or discredit; and if they’re miserable and unhappy, then, By God, the Baggers want the rest of us to drown in their hatred and demise as well.

We must not allow America to be sunk by these dunking Tea Baggers.  Laugh at them.  Ridicule them.  Punish them.  Just don’t vote for them on November 2, 2010 — or history will be rewritten with the blood of vengeance for all the perceived slights the Tea Baggers have been lying in wait to punish.


  1. UPDATE:

    I love a good confession!

    The Rand Paul campaign has just severed ties with their Bourbon County coordinator — a man by the name of Tim Profitt — who has identified himself as the supporter who stomped on the head and neck of a MoveOn activist outside of the Senate debate in Lexington, KY last night, according to Fox News.

  2. We need firewalls. We need to scorch the earth so they cannot advance into our real lives. Burn the land to save the farm.

    1. I agree, anne! We need to completely block them from any position of power or we’ll all be sorry. The Baggers aren’t about freedom. They’re all about anarchy and repression.

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