How Sarah Palin Can Win the Presidency

The Sarah Palin email redactions bombed — we knew they would, because they were an edited and scripted dump of trivial communiqués created to persuade and sway and not reveal the full, transparent, truth of her rotting Alaska governorship.  The fact remains that Sarah Palin is still a powerful political and emotional force in America, and we must not discount her danger to our open society.

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You Don't Have to Be Where You're From

On a recent Bill Maher show on HBO, Levi Johnston was a guest, and Bill gave the young lad some excellent advice:  “You don’t have to be where you’re from.”

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Stopping the Steeping of a Tea Bagger Nation

The idea of living under a Tea Bagger Nation is a nightmare few would cotton to and that is why each and every one of their candidates must be stopped dead at the polls.  Tea Baggers are about violence and stupidity and hatred and Racism and fear and they crave authoritarianism under the rule of their burnt thumbs.  It is up to us to stop their steeping.

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Palin Invades the Lower 48

Sarah Palin is finally out as Alaska governor — but why do I have this sickening feeling she is going to be felt more than ever here in the lower 48?

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Palin Pales

Sarah Palin is no shrinking violet and if she’s really a “barracuda” — her quitting as governor of Alaska last Friday is curious.

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From Prey to Pray as Palin Pales

Reading, watching, and listening to the mainstream media lapdogs this morning, I guess I am the only person in America who thought Sarah Palin’s speech last night at the Republican National Convention was a complete and total failure.  She destroyed her now and infected our future.

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Be Friends & Heal

by Nancy McDaniel

In early August 1991, I spent two weeks in the small fishing village of Cordova, Alaska. It was about two years after the devastating Exxon Valdez oil spill, which so cruelly fouled Prince William Sound. I was there as a part of an Earthwatch team helping two professors interview local residents. We were trying to find out how the spill had affected their lives, their hopes, and their expectations for the future. The professors had a theory that technological disasters (e.g., oil spills, hazardous waste accidents, etc.) would be responded to differently than natural disasters (e.g., earthquakes, floods, etc.) because there was “someone to blame” (versus it being “God’s will”), and there would be great uncertainty as to future lingering results.

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