The Sarah Palin email redactions bombed — we knew they would, because they were an edited and scripted dump of trivial communiqués created to persuade and sway and not reveal the full, transparent, truth of her rotting Alaska governorship.  The fact remains that Sarah Palin is still a powerful political and emotional force in America, and we must not discount her danger to our open society.

We learned the hard way about “writing off the stupid and the incoherent” by electing George W. Bush two times, and that’s why those of us who now know better are so ready and primed to keep “firing off shots and ring those bells to keep us free” — free from Sarah Palin ever touching the Oval Office.

Here’s what I recently wrote in the comments stream for — Sarah Palin and the New Paul Revere Refudiation:

I think she will be taken seriously by those who would die for her to see her elected and that can be a measuring, deciding, factor in a tense election.

Here’s how she can win it all:

1. The mainstream media WANT an Obama vs. Palin presidential election cycle to make a lot of money.

2. The MSM thinks they can use Palin for ratings and “take care of her later” if she gets too popular or too powerful. They underestimate her survivability factor: Nobody puts baby in a corner!

3. She’ll threaten a third party Tea Party candidacy and blackmail the GOP into nominating her. They’ll give in to her because, without the Tea Party, they can’t retake the Senate from Obama. The GOP owns the code on the Diebold voting machines, so they can turn a close vote into a win on a whim. The GOP Old White Guys will make the same mistake everyone has made before in dealing with her: “We can make her do what we want her to do because she’s so stupid.” Yes, she is stupid and uneducated and that’s why logic and reason have no effect on her: Sarah does her own thing and doesn’t care about the rule of law or keeping societal order alive.

4. She’ll run an unconventional campaign that will continue to confound the MSM and Obama. She won’t debate. She won’t hold press conferences. She’ll run on her smile and a shoeshine. She’ll win by acclamation and by the power of her personality in a rare wave of emotional voting support for “real change” and throwing out the undeserving “foreigner” who currently lords above us with his education and multicultural background. Palin is the last gasp “last hurrah” vote for Racists and the White Majority Power. Every subsequent election will have other minority powers making the final vote decisions.

5. President Palin takes office, and we will all stand around and wonder what happened and how a woman like that could get elected to the most powerful leadership role on earth. She’ll get there because nobody with the power to influence and stop her took action. By being ignored, she built up enough muscle and power to win, and by placating her for profit, the media power elite gave her just the sinew and status she needed to pull off her incredible political win. It’s just too easy and slick and simple and Sarah knows it’s all hers if she can just keep them guessing until it’s too late to stop her.

Sarah Palin has unfortunate, but powerful, friends like Playwright David Mamet:

So who would he prefer as president? He [Mamet] replies that he is “not current” with the Republican contenders until I mention Sarah Palin. “I am crazy about her,” he answers immediately. “Would she make a good candidate for president? I don’t know but she seems to have succeeded at everything she put her hand to.”

Mamet compares Palin to a late friend in Cabot, Vt., where he owns a “little cabin in the woods … I like to hunt. I like to fish. Cross-country ski. It’s in the middle of absolute nowhere. A dirt-track road, a 200-year-old post-and-beam house. Gorgeous.” His friend, he continues, was “a hardworking guy, a man of honor who was looking out for the town’s interests. I thought of him when I saw Sarah Palin. She started with the PTA and then became the mayor and then governor [of Alaska]. I thought, well, OK. That’s someone who knows how to work.”

I take Sarah Palin’s non-candidacy seriously.  She has the ability to exploit the weak and entice the wicked and she has the talent to demolish anything in her way.  We must never concede that she’ll behave to social expectation, and we must always be wary, and on point to defend what morally matters to us when she comes hunting for power by playing down to the worst in us to encourage hating each other and loathing the foreign instead of lifting up those who are lower around us.


    1. If the economy gets better, she’ll be self-defeating. If the job loss continues, a cultural vacuum will be created and she’ll suck the wind out of Obama and nothing will be able to stop her New Populist uprising. I don’t even think a Trig-Is-Not-Her-Baby scandal could stop her under those conditions. The rules don’t apply to her because the mainstream media has given her a pass for two years and they can’t start destroying their monster now just as she begins to live the life they bred her to have.

  1. She is also a narcissist and I don’t use that term lightly. The charm of a true DSM narcissist is a very powerful thing.

    1. I agree. She’s classically disconnected and it is scary because she has some fervent, emotional support out there. The mainstream media are sort of writing her off this week as a complete failure — which helps — but she needs to be finished off, not just wounded. Perhaps the Joe McGinniss book will do just that in September.

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