Sarah Palin Going Down on a Big Gulp

I was originally going to title this article — “Against Gullibility” — until I saw this image of Sarah Palin going down on a Big Gulp yesterday at the CPAC convention, and she wrote the new headline for me.  I couldn’t think of a better image to estimate just how low the political dialogue has dropped in the conservative coin of the realm.  Ms. Palin is sucking the very life out of us all.

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Game Change: The Aftermath

I spent my Saturday evening watching the HBO debut of — Game Change — the misanthropic story of how Sarah Palin almost ruined our nation by becoming Vice-President.

I did not appreciate Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin because she was too reserved and imitative instead of inhabitative.  I much prefer Tina Fey’s combative sendup of Ms. Palin because she better characterizes the manic wackiness that made Palin so ridiculous and so very dangerous — we laugh because we are terrified of what could have been.  Ed Harris as McCain was ordinary and not angry enough and not stiff enough to be convincing.  Woody Harrelson was magnificent.  He stole the show as campaign advisor Steve Schmidt.

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How Sarah Palin Can Win the Presidency

The Sarah Palin email redactions bombed — we knew they would, because they were an edited and scripted dump of trivial communiqués created to persuade and sway and not reveal the full, transparent, truth of her rotting Alaska governorship.  The fact remains that Sarah Palin is still a powerful political and emotional force in America, and we must not discount her danger to our open society.

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The Folly of Strict Constitutional Constructionism

English language experts wrote the United States Constitution.  When those authors wrote — “in order to form a more perfect Union” — they were making a hard and specific point that is lost on many of us today.

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Sarah Palin and the New Paul Revere Refudiation

I used to not fear Sarah Palin — but after her recent refudiation of what really happened during Paul Revere’s famous ride — I am beginning to become uncomfortable with the incredible amount of positive press she’s getting for being wrong about almost everything she claims to be factual.

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Bristol Palin Becomes Her Mother

Poor Bristol Palin.  She’s the keeper of her mother’s secrets.  She won Dancing with the Stars.  Now she’s morphing into her mother under the direction of a surgeon’s knife.  Can you believe the changes in her face?  She was once, bright, shining and full of hope, and now she’s been sliced and diced to mirror her mother.  What a sad circumstance for the formerly pregnant teen — now paid anti-pregnancy teen spokesmodel — who suckled over $262,000.00USD from the Candies foundation alone in 2009.

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Bin Laden Swims with the Fishes

Osama Bin Laden is finally dead and swimming with the fishes thanks to the dedicated effort of our Commander-in-Chief and our national intelligence agencies and our troops on the ground.  After 19 months of dedicated tracking, patience paid off, and the man who came after us in New York City is now dead.  Mission Now Accomplished — unlike the baldfaced lie told to us by a previous president who chose to hunt down Saddam Hussein and kill him for 9/11 instead of Bin Laden.

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