I was originally going to title this article — “Against Gullibility” — until I saw this image of Sarah Palin going down on a Big Gulp yesterday at the CPAC convention, and she wrote the new headline for me.  I couldn’t think of a better image to estimate just how low the political dialogue has dropped in the conservative coin of the realm.  Ms. Palin is sucking the very life out of us all.

Wonkette rightly reports on the Palin gulping:

Apropos of nothing, in the middle of some nonsense about the Senate’s inability to pass a Federal Budget, Sarah, suffering from class-less-ness-envy, gratuitously invoked Joe Wilson’s apparently ubiquitous “YOU LIE!” with her ever-present self-satisfied sneer, and the crowd, of course, went wild with that rancid meat nugget. Palin also paid prop comedy homage to the smarter and much better coiffed Carrot Top, when she pulled out her Big Gulp, just to show that crowd that she was not about to give a shit about guidelines for healthy living, and she was ever so proud of her fatty-bratty behavior. We are just lucky she didn’t do a little Honey Boo Boo belly squish for good measure.

What is it about some people who want to be tricked?  They enjoy the magic of lies and the smoke of purposeful deception.  Does anyone really think Sarah Palin is a serious person, let alone an electable human being?  She appears to live on the negative vibe.  She celebrates the insult.  She thrives on the zinger and the gotcha moment.  Does anybody remember she’s a quitter and doesn’t deserve to be admired for public service?

Today, one Palin fan even made this photo tribute to her — equating her going down on a sugary Big Gulp with the posture and pursuit of the Statue of Liberty:

When we buy into the trick, we give power to the charlatan to cull others into their nest of death.  If nobody stands up to call out the purposeful, festering, lie — then that mistruth slowly, over time, comes to take on the shade of truth — and that is a dangerous, and real, threat to our Republic when lies become part of the historical record.

We don’t like it when people make fun of us — but that’s precisely what people like Sarah Palin are doing to some of us — they tell a lie, and if we bite, then they know they have us hooked, because to then go against them is to confess that you were taken, made a fool of, and are easy pickings.  The charlatans rely on the kind intentions of good people going bad — simply because few folks want to admit they’ve been led down a path of despise and destruction instead of the one they thought they were taking to a brighter pathway to the stars above.


  1. Never liked her, never will and I am not even going to ask about the Honey Boo Boo belly squish.

    She is what they would call a “Chav” in the UK – my father would say “more brass than class” – my mother would say “all fur coat and no knickers”.

    1. I’m crazy about those phrases — “Chav” and the other two! In fact, since Gordon took “Chuffed” — I am now claiming “Chav” as mine. Can you give me a few examples in a sentence for proper context use? You may use either Sarah Palin or Honey Boo as the subject. SMILE!

      I never understood the Palin frenzy — but I still think she is incredibly dangerous in the sort of “never die” cockroach infestation sort of way. I can still imagine her coming to full power in the USA and mucking it all up so we’re all involved in WWIII for the remainder of our lives.

      My favorite moment of her speech was not the Big Gulp, but rather her hackneyed slam at Obama for using a teleprompter — all while she was reading her lines from a teleprompter that had been specially set up for her and nobody else speaking used it but her! The Wonkette story I referenced has the full detail…

      1. I did wonder if the second of those phrases would get through!

        From the Oxford English Ditionary
        Definition of chav
        noun British informal, derogatory
        a young lower-class person typified by brash and loutish behaviour and the wearing of (real or imitation) designer clothes.

        Sarah Palin is the Queen of Chavs. Honey Boo is the heir apparent . According to the link below we should really be calling the female of the species a Chavette.


        You can take your own Cav test here


        Basically Chav = Trailer Trash in USA speak and to me Palin and her wayward brood fall into that bracket.

        Yep shes dangerous …………….

  2. I genuinely abhor her after this. How many people need to die from their own weighty issues?

    1. Right! And she thinks she’s hilarious! The crowd ate up her antics and swallowed her whole!

      When she left the stage, though, she left her Big Gulp paramour behind on the podium.

  3. I saw this in the newspaper today and literally cringed. I wish her Big Gulp moment had been met with complete silence instead of laughs/cheers. Imagine how awkward that would have been for her to have to deal with.

  4. I can’t stand Sarah Palin and wish she would just go away. But I have to say that I think Mayor Bloomberg banning Big Drinks with Sugar is insane and way too Big Brother-y for me. Big lattes with caramel, no ban. extra large fries, no ban. I think this is disingenuos and short sighted and a big publicity stunt on Blooomberg’s part too.

    1. A lot of people feel as you do, Nancy. Starbucks, and their massive lattes were supposed to be under the ban, but they alone decided it didn’t apply to them because they made “specialty” drinks. Bloomberg was preparing to take them to court. Dunkin Donuts was ready to follow the ban and offered sugar packets to customers so they could add their own death to their drinks.


      I realize this issue may seem narrow and simpleminded — but it goes go the center of what we expect and want from our local governments. Is their job to provide for the social welfare, or does everything go? Colorado and Washington State have legalized recreational marijuana use, but the Feds say “no.” Which side is right? Two States think they’re doing right in providing for the social welfare and the Feds believe they are destroying it.

      A more local example is decongestant allergy medicine. In 2007, I wrote about the new restrictions on Claritin-D:


      Over the weekend, I discovered the restrictions have become even more draconian when I tried to purchase 20 Allegra-D 24-Hour pills. After presenting my driver license, my pharmacist told me the law had changed and I was only allowed to purchase 10 pills at a time. If I needed more than 10, I would have to come back in five days and purchase another 10 pills and present my ID and have it scanned again, etc.

      I told him, six months ago ago, I could buy a 30-day supply and today, I can only buy a 10 day supply? He told me “Yes,” and added, “now they don’t even make the Allegra-D 24-Hour pills in a pack larger than 10 for sale in New Jersey.”

      A blanket policy against “illegal use of over-the-counter” allergy medicine punishes the non-lawbreakers more than it does those who exploit the law.

      I also find it curious that, in the Tri-State area, you cannot get “loyalty card benefits” for prescribed medications because it might encourage “over-prescribing” by doctors so patients can earn reward points:


    1. What crumbles me is that she has people who actually cheer that sort of behavior. I wish I could understand them and where they are coming from in supporting her boorish actions.

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