How Sarah Palin Can Win the Presidency

The Sarah Palin email redactions bombed — we knew they would, because they were an edited and scripted dump of trivial communiqués created to persuade and sway and not reveal the full, transparent, truth of her rotting Alaska governorship.  The fact remains that Sarah Palin is still a powerful political and emotional force in America, and we must not discount her danger to our open society.

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Relational Retinal Design and the Aesthetics of Food Labels

We learn through our minds, and we take warnings through our senses.  When you want to give quick, concise, information to the human eye with a cultured aesthetic, you use bright colors, and a relational retinal design to drive context that creates meaning.  In the image below, you see the new food label packaging the FDA is proposing for all processed American foods.  You are immediately confused looking at the information.  Are those too many calories or just the right amount for what you’re about to put in your mouth?  You have to calculate your own “DV” maximum percentage for “Sat Fat” and “Sodium.”  You’re left to wonder what the “DV” for 14g of “Sugars” really means in the big picture.

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Thirty Ways to Die

Here is some great semiotic teaching from Germany in 1931 in the form of 30 illustrations explaining — in a book called “Elektroschutz in 132 Bildern” — how NOT to electrocute yourself.  In this image, baby found a new nipple!

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Don't Drink Bleach

A friend of mine, who also happens to be my learning partner in Jewish studies, pointed out what appeared to be an absurdity on a street sign one Friday evening as we were walking home from the local synagogue. There were a few signs on the street that said that parking was prohibited due to construction for a couple of weeks during certain hours of the day.

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