Sarah Palin is no shrinking violet and if she’s really a “barracuda” — her quitting as governor of Alaska last Friday is curious.

One thing any casual Palin observer knows is she’s an opportunist and a pity partier and her bizarre press conference on July 3rd is further evidence that she is, and never was, fit or office.

What was John McCain thinking when he picked her as his second?  As I’ve said before, John McCain will spend the rest of his life making excuses for her.  Sarah Palin is John McCain’s lasting legacy.

There’s a lot of speculation concerning the real reason why Palin quit — she didn’t really give a clear answer — if she quit to serve her family, she would’ve been full of pleasure and comfort and belonging during her quitting escapade; but she was not… she was unruly and strange and strangled and bumbling.

What could cause Sarah Barracuda to behave so horrifically in the spotlight she craves?

Her Family:
Is there another teenage pregnancy?  Another rumored affair in the offing?  Levi’s book deal?  None of those reasons would make her quit.  She can quash any rumor or hurt feelings as unsubstantiated and uncouth.  She knows how to defend against blood assaults.  She’s the master of her own genetic pool.

2012 Presidency:
Quitting as governor does not pave the way for a run for president in 2012.  She’ll always have a fanatical fan base, but having a quitter as a candidate is a serious GOP problem and if there’s one thing conservatives covet is playing along and staying in line so they’ll get rid of her on a whim if she’ll stink up their party.  She’s ruined any honest chance she has in politics by quitting as governor in her third year.  The GOP requires dedication and morality in its candidates and quitting serves neither master.

Lame Duck:
She made herself a lame duck by quitting.  A real politician would use “lame duck” status to fight for ideals and a greater vision against a “narrow minded and blinded” legislature.  Staying in form and fighting as “Governor of the People” in Alaska — instead of quitting — would have been the cleverest way to set solid pavers for a quick footpath to the presidency.

Talking Head:
If she were quitting to take a seat at Fox News or some other media outlet — she would’ve started her resignation speech with that wild news.  She did not.  In fact, all of her fundamentalist supporters in the media were shocked and awed at her quick quit.  She didn’t give up her governorship for promised fame and fortune.

Something Legal:
This reason makes the most sense for her quitting on the Alaska constitution and she now has three weeks to “clean up” her governor’s office without any sort of oversight or peril.  Sarah is a control freak and since she cannot control an investigation beyond the bounds of Alaska — she did the next best thing: She beat them to the endgame punch by resigning.  In quitting, she must think, she is taking away the power of the prosecution and nullifying any reason to come after her.  Unfortunately, if she is under some sort of Federal investigation, that arm of the government is a machine that never sleeps, and it will never stop churning against her even if the evidence leads them straight to the front door of her home.

Let’s hope that for — whatever reason — she quit on Alaska, she has saved the rest of the nation from her naked and wanton raging ambition to win, but to never serve, the best interest of the people.


  1. Some barracuda she turned out to be. I will be horrified if she tries to run for 2012 and thinks that everyone will forget that she quit now.

  2. She skeeves me out, Gordon. Everything she does is solely for her own self interest. People have temporary memories and, in dire economic times, people seem to be more willing to take a leap of fancy to “toss things around” and that’s how wackos get elected to high office.

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