Turning to the Public for Detective Investigative Help

If you look at a weekly lineup of television shows at any given time you will notice that there are always plenty of shows that involve criminal investigation. Thinking back to my own childhood I remember that one of my favorite book series to read was the Encyclopedia Brown series in which at the end of every story, the reader is given the opportunity to solve the crime having read all of the facts and details of the crime. It is possibly in this spirit — that many people like to believe that they could solve a crime if given the opportunity — that the police in Sarasota County released all of the information they have regarding a puzzling unsolved crime.

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Scientific Aesthetic and Dramatic Medicine

Last week, we announced three new additions to the Boles Blogs NetworkPanopticonic, Carceral Nation and Memeingful — and today we are delighted to announce two more sites we have added to the network!

The first is ScientificAesthetic.com — that site used to be a website, but we’ve now made it more interactive in our ongoing effort to help bring The Arts to Science.  We’ll be writing and wondering about the ways our innate aesthetic informs how to we relate to, and think about, science.  Scientific Aesthetic has two logos you’ll be seeing along the Network.  The first is the name and the second is the semiotic idea of name:


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