Last week, we announced three new additions to the Boles Blogs NetworkPanopticonic, Carceral Nation and Memeingful — and today we are delighted to announce two more sites we have added to the network!

The first is — that site used to be a website, but we’ve now made it more interactive in our ongoing effort to help bring The Arts to Science.  We’ll be writing and wondering about the ways our innate aesthetic informs how to we relate to, and think about, science.  Scientific Aesthetic has two logos you’ll be seeing along the Network.  The first is the name and the second is the semiotic idea of name:


The second addition is — formerly a website and now a more interactive information portal — and we will be discovering the many ways the Arts work to heal mind and body.

Here’s the Dramatic Medicine logo you’ll be eyeing around the Network.  If you see that semiotic body waiting for you, click on it and start reading!

We always appreciate your kind and keen support and we look forward to continuing to serve your best interests in our shared future.



  1. I am enjoying the blogs thusfar and look forward to contributing. I love the aesthetics of the logos 🙂

  2. We are ready for your gearing up, Gordon! Creating a logo is an enjoyable, but tough, task. It’s important to find an image that speaks the intent and the purpose of the endeavor.

  3. Really love seeing these two pages coming live David!
    I second Gordon as the logos are awesome!

  4. We need your blood to help keep them alive, Katha! Write on, my love!
    Thanks for the good words about the logos. The previous logos were feeling a little old and out of date.

  5. Just about started to read the articles on both these blogs, David. Very interesting stuff!
    And again, great logos!

  6. It does look like it, David. I didn’t know that they’re the same company.
    Let’s start filling the pots up already!

  7. Guaranteed David, till the last drop!
    I donated blood yesterday for a thalassemic kid in our area – you have to deduct that though…

  8. Thanks David!
    But I think I was just being human, kindness is a serious effort…
    Being a needle-phobic it’s slightly tough for me, I felt weirdly light headed for the whole day but it’s good even if a pint can be of someone’s help! Thanks for the consideration! 🙂

  9. I, too, get lightheaded when I donate blood, Katha, and my thigh bones hurt. I usually go to bed and try to sleep it off. I have a semi-rare bloodtype, so I get called to donate more than usual.

  10. You are right about sleeping it off David, that’s the easiest thing to get rid off the fog headedness.
    Because of the scarcity of blood here the process of getting blood for someone is quick if one donates(any group), the patient gets the required type and amount in exchange of that.
    Having a semi-rare blood type helps a lot of people, more power to you!
    But I hate needles… 🙁

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