Scientific Aesthetic and Dramatic Medicine

Last week, we announced three new additions to the Boles Blogs NetworkPanopticonic, Carceral Nation and Memeingful — and today we are delighted to announce two more sites we have added to the network!

The first is — that site used to be a website, but we’ve now made it more interactive in our ongoing effort to help bring The Arts to Science.  We’ll be writing and wondering about the ways our innate aesthetic informs how to we relate to, and think about, science.  Scientific Aesthetic has two logos you’ll be seeing along the Network.  The first is the name and the second is the semiotic idea of name:


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Welcome to Scientific Aesthetic

We welcome you to where we bring The Arts to Science to create understanding and foment meaning! !  We hope you enjoy our two logos:  One explains it all and the second suggests everything.  You’ll see both versions floating around the web in the weeks, decades, and centuries to come:


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