Socialized Medicine and the Broadway Softball League

We, The Americans, like to think we’re in this world together — United We Stand, Divided We Fall — but in reality, we know in our bones we are not equal.  We understand the separatist One Percenters own 99% of us, and we live only to mew when asked for a response from our monied overlords.

However, there was a time in the history of this nation, not too long ago — when the system could be exploited for the grander benefit of the few against the many — and that moment in time was the early 1980s.

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The University as Hospital: An Inalienable Obligation

[Publisher’s Note: Howard Stein, Boles Blogs author and inspiration, died at age of 90 on October 14, 2012 in Stamford, Connecticut. This article now appears in print as an equalizing effort to preserve Dr. Stein’s teaching and thinking as David Boles shares this, and other works, from his private Prairie Voice archive. Howard wrote this article in the Spring of 1984 and, 30 years later, the lessons are still ripe and rich and damning.] 

For those suffering the wounds of life, the university has become a hospital.  For the woman in her middle forties whose husband has left her for “a young thing” after twenty-four years of marriage and four children, the university is the first thought where she may go for help.

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Copper Reduces Nosocomial Infections by 58%

When I was teaching Public Health at the graduate level at UMDNJ, the notion of how nosocomial infections  spread was a major source of my research intrigue.  What constitutes a nosocomial infection?  Patient-to-patient MRSA?  The patient’s own flora?  A rouge and evil nurse?  The answer to all those questions is a resounding, “Yes!”

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Beating Cervical Cancer with Vinegar

My brother used to play this song for me after which a bonus section would play — the band being The Swirlies and the song being Wrong Tube from the album Blonder Tongue Audio Baton — their discography is freely downloadable from their site — about how interesting it would be if it turned out that the cure to extremely distressing diseases and cancer came from seemingly bizarre combinations, like twigs from the Brazillian rainforest mixed with Mountain Dew. I have been a life long advocate of more natural remedies, stemming from the fact that my mother subscribed to Prevention magazine as long as I could remember and we were always taken to homeopathic and natural doctors in addition to the more traditional doctors — both were consulted before decisions were made.

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Killing Cancer with Vegetables

I have long felt that the real cure for cancer would not come in the form of a pill or chemotherapy treatment but grow straight out of the ground. As a person who has long tried to avoid conventional medicine so-called cures that are really just bandages that sooth us while the immune systems of our bodies are hard at work actually fighting illness, I have just known that it would be just a matter of time before it was discovered that a good diet would go a long way to even fight the dreaded C word — cancer.

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Blessing Your Sneezing: Gliomas and Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, like I do, you should be blessing your sneezing and snotting and not sneering at your symptoms because, those allergic reactions may well be an indicator that you probably don’t have brain cancer.

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War Pulls the Piss Out of You

War is pretty nasty and we’ve had most of the gory details from Iraq and Afghanistan hidden from us — but, ever so slowly — the ugly truths are starting to be revealed, and the AP ran a story yesterday about American troops getting their genitalia blown off.

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