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Cooking with Matcha

I love pure Matcha green tea.  A Matcha blend is okay, but the real stuff, the really great stuff — is in the natural, Matcha powdered green tea.  I dump some of that poofy Matcha into a glass of cold water, or a cup of boiled water, and stir and then sip — and I’m in a completely different state of mind:  Calm, collected and insightful.

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The Decider Versus the Provider

Yesterday, Barack Obama put right a government policy Dubya set religiously wrong:  Obama guaranteed a “return to scientific integrity” and instantly became “The Provider” of doing the right thing for the future good of us all. 

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Rice Mind Music and Synesthesia

Rice University has done it again!  First, they made the connection for eroding aphasia, now they’re quantifying how music can meditate the mind.

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Laughter as Medicine

Can a quick dose of laughter bring calm healing to the body?  Norman Cousins thought so, and now so, too, does the National Health Service.

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Battlefield Acupuncture

Inspired by China, the United States Army plans to use acupuncture on the battlefield to bring health and healing to the wounded.

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Scientific Aesthetic and Dramatic Medicine

Last week, we announced three new additions to the Boles Blogs NetworkPanopticonic, Carceral Nation and Memeingful — and today we are delighted to announce two more sites we have added to the network!

The first is — that site used to be a website, but we’ve now made it more interactive in our ongoing effort to help bring The Arts to Science.  We’ll be writing and wondering about the ways our innate aesthetic informs how to we relate to, and think about, science.  Scientific Aesthetic has two logos you’ll be seeing along the Network.  The first is the name and the second is the semiotic idea of name:


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Welcome to Dramatic Medicine knows the ways The Arts can heal our minds and bodies.  We will look into the various memes and methods of medicine for revealing the secrets for all-body health through a higher aesthetic. 

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