Inspired by China, the United States Army plans to use acupuncture on the battlefield to bring health and healing to the wounded.

ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE – Using ancient Chinese medical techniques, a small team of military doctors here has begun treating wounded troops suffering from severe or chronic pain with acupuncture.
The technique is proving so successful that the Air Force will begin teaching “battlefield acupuncture” early next year to physicians deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan, senior officials will announce tomorrow.

The initiative marks the first high-level endorsement of acupuncture by the traditionally conservative military medical community, officials said.
Using tiny needles that barely penetrate the skin of a patient’s ear, Air Force doctors here say they can interrupt pain signals going to the brain.

If the Chinese can help bring peace and health to Americans, then we fully support the integration of ancient Chinese medicine in the modern American battlefield.


  1. I know “acupancture” can cure lots of health problems as I have seen my relatives getting well, but I don’t see myself trying it with all those needles…

  2. Hi David,
    Anything wireless and needleless is fine – can the treatment be available in a capsule?

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