Saving young women from the ravages of Anorexia can be a fight to merely stave off the cycle of death.

Some countries are taking pro-active steps to intervene in cases of Anorexia:

The Ministry of Health is funding the trip, including paying for Millie’s treatment at the live-in Peter Beaumont Centre for Eating Disorders and an apartment for her mother, who needs to get by in Sydney as well as feed her two kids back home.
While at the centre, Millie will be treated through a range of techniques, including cognitive behaviour therapy, motivational enhancement therapy and art therapy.
The treaatment is based on a privilege-based programme, so as Millie improves and begins eating she will be rewarded with things such as aerobics classes and trips out of the centre.

We are delighted with the effort to heal the starving body by feeding large amounts of aesthetic art therapy.

When we look at the meme of the Human Universal Beautiful — we begin to see its entrapments and its binding of imagination in its serious degradation of health and human well-being. 


  1. David,
    The image both scared and annoyed the hell out of me.
    There are countries in the world where women are bound have these sort of unidimensional structure because of inescapable malnourishment, and there are countries who are choosing to opt the same.

  2. Katha —
    Do you agree that image is one of an unhealthy body type? I published it because it shows the absolute emaciation of the human form when Anorexia takes over the mind.

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