The San Francisco Chronicle asks a fine question about the legitimacy of art meeting science as we ponder the image of an electrograph of a brass wire gauge in the year 1900:

Should we consider “Brought to Light: Photography and the Invisible,
” an art exhibition just because the San Francisco Museum of
Modern Art has organized it?

We argue that, yes, those images in the art exhibition are, indeed, art.

Unlike the Dynamic Painting “True Art fraud” — these images from antiquity are in situ. 

The wondrous images reveal the inner workings and intricacies of everyday objects that enlighten our current world with the insight from the past.


  1. Brilliant photographs, David! In their illumination of the how and what of things we find art.

  2. Hi Dananjay!
    Exactly! The art show finds the inner beauty in ordinary objects. It’s a sheer delight to see that sort of mindset alive in the late 1800’s! You certainly get the notion, “We’ve been here before!” when looking a the images.

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