Barbadians love art, but Barbados also wants to honor science and technology in the same meme:

We really need to inform Barbadians about science and technology. In a country which prides itself of a literacy rate of over 97 percent, we are not doing too well with respect to science and technology.

“Some Barbadians have failed to see science and technology as part of our culture. While drama, music and art are part of our way of life, science must also be seen as part of our culture as well. Unfortunately, no real effort has been made to promote it as such,” he observed.

We admire the Barbadian effort to integrate the sciences in their culture.
Without science to balance Art, there can be no communicative learning dyad between the two extremes.


  1. Wow, what a beauty David!
    I only hope science and technology won’t ruin this serenity!

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