On Not Giving an A++++++++++ Grade

Grade inflation is a major problem on college campuses, and it is the sworn duty of the faculty to carefully and cautiously grade all student work the same.  Students tend to expect an “A” grade just for showing up to class when, in structured reality, a “C” grade is what a student earns for merely meeting the minimum requirements for any course.  A “C” is a fine grade — but a lot of students seem to feel a “C” grade is the same as an “F” grade when it is not.  A “C” defines the middling ground for a course and that is the honest grade most students earn, even though faculty tend to inflate grading the middle just to keep the peace.

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Science Without a Moral Core

At 35-years-old, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. warned in 1964 in Oslo — the day after accepting his Nobel Peace Prize — that we must, as a society, always be wary when science advances without a moral core.

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Appreciating Science in Barbados

Barbadians love art, but Barbados also wants to honor science and technology in the same meme:

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Private ASL Tutoring via Online Chat

Janna and I are pleased to announce a couple of new features added to our American Sign Language HardcoreASL.com learning portal.

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