Janna and I are pleased to announce a couple of new features added to our American Sign Language HardcoreASL.com learning portal.

We now, by public and necessary demand, offer American Sign Language fluency evaluations

Colleges, universities, businesses and individuals can get evaluated for ASL proficiency to earn a job or to waive a foreign language requirement and — because of the delights of the Internet — we are able to offer this feature the world over.

The second new feature is an expansion of our incredibly popular, in-person, New York City/Tri-State area — ASL Private Tutoring Program — into the Internet ether! 

We now provide private ASL tutoring via online chat using iChat and Skype!

Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1Hand Jive Book Cover!

If you want more information on our American Sign Language program, be sure to visit HardcoreASL.com and don’t forget to click on the Consulting and Tutoring links for updated information!


  1. This will be a lot of fun. Online teaching is new and fascinating.

  2. Right-o, Janna! The online element gets deeper and better every single day.

  3. I suppose technology only gets better. I hope everyone will have access to high speed internet or they might get left behind.

  4. That is a concern. Good internet video requires a broadband connection and if you want to stream recorded videos, you need to have a big pipe connection to keep the movements clear and precise.

  5. It’s so awesome that you’re going to be able to teach people all over the world. I wonder – is ASL the same everywhere, or are there local “dialects” that might have some people scratching their heads? ūüôā

  6. Thank you for the support, Mr. Gordon! We also added today “ASL, Level 1” on our classes page:
    so folks the world over can study ASL online with us using our latest book as the textbook!
    Yes, there are different sorts of Sign Language the world over. “BSL” is “British Sign Language.” We have a book here gifted to us on “Pakistani Sign Language” and so on!

  7. Hi David and Janna,
    Congratulation to both of you on this new launch! Have fun while teaching online!

  8. Thanks, Katha! We always appreciate your support and great help!

  9. David, This is great news! All the best to Janna and you! But why only mac? Isn’t Skype cross-platform?

  10. Hi Dananjay —
    That’s a good point, Dananjay. There isn’t iChat for Windows yet, but you can do video chat on Skype Windows.

  11. David! you meant that windows users can use any app as long as there’s a version that you can install on your mac?

  12. There was a time, Dananjay, when only Skye for Mac could do video chat. Now I see Windows does it as well, so Windows users can use Skype. Mac users can use iChat or Skype.

  13. That’s just great, David! Now there’s something for everybody!

  14. Right, thanks for the pointer, Dananjay. I fixed the information.

  15. David & Janna–
    Very impressive!!
    Working in healthcare, we always have to contract out for interpretation.
    If only I could fit one more thing on my plate . . .

  16. Thanks, Donna! We feel for your situation. It’s a terrible thing to have to rely on interpreters because good ones are hard to find and getting them to show up on time or in a dire emergency is never a predictable event.

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