The Dramatic Effect of English Pub Signs

It was something disturbing I noticed as a teenager — seeing the small stores I loved going to as a kid shutting down and being replaced by cookie cutter stores owned by a dozen companies that were all uniform in appearance and in product. You could be on the inside of one restaurant and think that you were in a completely different state — there was no unique quality to the establishments and no feel of what some might call a company’s soul.

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The Color of Life

I have one question and one question only for you today, and I ask that you provide a single answer with no prevarication or asides as you defend your choice:

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Sometimes technology expands just enough to cogently clear the way for expanded communication opportunities. 

When Janna and I created as a portal for emergency communication between the Deaf and fire, police and EMT first responders, we realized it would not have been possible to create the site without the rise of technology and its seeping into every niche of the American psyche.

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Clear and equal communication between people after an urgent event can be a matter of life-and-death — and it is in that spirit of critical caring about the Deaf Community that Janna and I created  A free public website for use by the Deaf and emergency first responders.

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Hardcore ASL Classes Now Online!

I am pleased to announce — after 10 years in the making and 20 years in the thinking — Janna and I have completed our Hardcore ASL online learning program!

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Picture Yourself Learning Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

I am delighted and honored to announce my latest book — Picture Yourself Learning Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac — is now published and available for purchase everywhere outstanding books are sold!

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Memeingful Online Learning

Taking the classroom online not only re-forms relationships and ways of knowing — distance learning also creates memeingful teacher and student dyads that can be stronger apart than when collected in the same physical classroom.

Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1Hand Jive Book Cover!

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