Sometimes technology expands just enough to cogently clear the way for expanded communication opportunities. 

When Janna and I created as a portal for emergency communication between the Deaf and fire, police and EMT first responders, we realized it would not have been possible to create the site without the rise of technology and its seeping into every niche of the American psyche.

You can use on any computer with an internet connection.  That includes an iPhone, a Blackberry and many other internet-enabled cellular phones. is clickable and steps you through an urgent conversation with the Deaf in an instant. 

First responders can use the site to initiate a conversation with the Deaf, or a Deaf person can use the portal to facilitate emergency communication until a certified interpreter arrives on scene.

We invite you to visit and link it up to your site and then let your local emergency responders know the site exists to help ease cultural communication barriers that can quickly become the final terms for living or dying.


  1. I think you’re right about the time being now. Ten years ago I don’t think the site would work as well as it does today.

  2. That’s right, Janna. A decade ago people would have to wait a long time for the images to load on slow computers and even slower internet connections. Now most people have access to a computer and a fairly fast web connection.

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