Taking the classroom online not only re-forms relationships and ways of knowing — distance learning also creates memeingful teacher and student dyads that can be stronger apart than when collected in the same physical classroom.

Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1Hand Jive Book Cover!

Hardcore ASL now offers a variety of online learning, tutoring and fluency evaluation for mastering American Sign Language.

In addition to our traditional online portal where you can use text messages, milestones, chat and To Do Lists to communicate and learn, we also offer interactive tutoring and teaching using online video chat clients like Skype and iChat.

Using real-time video to learn a visual language like ASL has incredible benefits and now it no longer matters where in the world you live — you can now take online American Sign Language courses with the best instructors in the world who are waiting at your fingertips to be invoked into service.


  1. I like the internet cameras built into our Macs. It makes this kind of online teaching really easy.

  2. Yes! Embedded cameras make using iChat and Skype super easy!

  3. It’s also fun to record video and look at it later. When students submit their work, you can slow down the video and really see how their signs need to be corrected.

  4. Yes, Janna, that is the beauty of this sort of intensive teaching. We can break down the bits of the assignments and make it all work better.

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