The days of the static, semantic, classroom are over.  Now, with the rise of real-time video, teaching and learning becomes dynamic, semaphoric, changeable and semiotically recordable for the eternity of history.

Hand Jive Book Cover!Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1

By employing live video clients like Skype and iChat, online distance learning takes on a new dimension. 

We are no longer tethered only to semantic text.  We can now invoke the power of semiotics and the elegance of learned semaphores like American Sign Language. 

At Hardcore ASL, we now use the Internet to teach American Sign Language, evaluate ASL fluency for businesses and individuals and we provide live access to private tutoring

One of the merits of distance learning is the students can login any time they like and do the work as they wish on their time. 

We no longer need the structure of a traditional classroom because both student and instructor are freed to login and tune in on the Internet — anywhere in the world at any time — as often as their desires and wishes want to take them into new mixes of semaphoric, semantic and semiotic learning memes.


  1. I like the ASL and semaphores connection. Teaching on live video is more challenging than in person.

  2. I agree, Janna. We’re in the infancy of online teaching and it will only get richer and better and more seamless as time goes by.

  3. That’s true. It’s good now, though, too. Not much lag. We can see each other. The signing is clear. I’m impressed.

  4. I agree. We’ve done worldwide tests and the images and video are clear and usable. It works! I will only get better and faster though, Janna, so get ready to light up the world with your brilliance!

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