I had some great fun over the weekend picking my own Democrat Vice President online by answering a variety of qualifying questions.  Here are the first few choices I made:

When you’re doing picking your preferences — most of my choices were “doesn’t matter” — I was pleased to find my main man for Vice President was: Gen. Colin Powell… followed by Senator Jim Webb and Gen. Wesley Clark. 

Each of them is a good choice for the restoration of “Kitchen Door” values.

When you’re finished seeing your results, you can turn to the next page to see how your choices lined up with other online VP-nose-pickers:

Late money is being bet on Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland as Obama’s VP pick, but I don’t think a popular governor is the right move — even if he helps deliver a single, purple, state.

Obama needs to cover his military backside nationwide by picking a General like Powell or Clark or a war hero like Jim Webb… or even Chuck Hagel.

Here’s where Hillary stood in the popularity poll when I made my picks:

If you had to pick a Democrat Vice President, who would you want and why?


  1. okay I see my comment now. So my original question was why you didn’t make a choice? I think an older person with a military back ground is necessary.

  2. Sorry to hear about your trouble, Anne. Sometimes, with our new system, if you haven’t recently been posting, your browser may think you’re logged in when you’re not. The easy solution is to just logout and login again if you haven’t posted anything in the last day or two.

  3. There were several “choices” in the poll that felt racist or bigoted, anne. I don’t think skin color or gender should matter so I picked “not important” or whatever those choices were. I realize they’re trying to wrench down your picks based on the wringing of certain names they’re offering, but several of the questions posed seemed unseemly to me.

  4. The poll – definitely not the most ideal sort of questions in many ways – gave me Senator Webb as the choice. Having now read up on him, I concur – he seems a good choice. (This despite the fact that I don’t put too much stock in the vice president role as anything other than a nice backup in case of tragedy ūüôā )

  5. Hi Gordon —
    Webb would be a good choice. He’s extremely tough. He can attack McCain one-on-one as warrior-to-warrior. I think Barack needs a super-strong Hit Man in the #2 spot and Webb and Hagel both fit that need.
    However, there’s going to need to be a necessary redaction of the VP role after Cheney’s grab for power and that won’t go down very well with any prospective candidate because they’ll expect to inherit Cheney’s role — but we cannot allow that to ever happen again.
    I still think Colin Powell is a tremendous choice — not because he’s a Hit Man — but because he could finally recant his public stance on the war and set things right as they should be in the Middle East. He’s the fastest path to peace because he knows the people and the mistakes that were made. You won’t have to give him any catch-up time to get on speed to making things good again for the military and our lost, international, knack as a country for negotiation and conflict resolution without bearing arms and beating chests.

  6. I couldn’t get my quiz to work. Oh darn!!
    I like Richardson–with the beard!
    But seriously, I thought he was strong in the debates and when he dissed Hillary for Obama it won me right over.

  7. I wonder why your browser didn’t like the quiz, Donna? Do you have JavaScript enabled? Have you tried installing a second browser like Safari?
    I agree Richardson is terrific, but the Hillary faction will never allow their “Judas” in Obama’s second spot. Richardson will get the juicy ambassadorship of his choosing, though.

  8. I would love for Obama to pick Powell, Nicola, and say one thing to him: “Fix what you started.” You know Powell would get in there and make everything right and he’d have the authority to get it done because no one on the other side of the war could stand and argue that what he does is wrong-headed. Powell would only be completing the game plan he always wanted to implement.

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